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Access DLookup Function: Why You May Need To Apply This Function

Using the Access DLookup function may be called upon where users need to output a value from other data sources (i.e. tables or queries) where there is no direct relationship. Hang on a moment! I though Microsoft Access was a relational database system (RDBMS) so why calculate to connect to a value? Yes it is an RDBMS but depending on how the database was designed and built or if you had inherited an Access database this could well mean having […]

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Microsoft Access Query Formulas Combining Fields, Calculation

Microsoft Access

Queries are the heart of any Access database and ms access query is typically utilised especially when wanting to calculate. A common type of calculation is known as ‘Concatenate’ which is demonstrated here with the ‘FirstName’ and ‘LastName’ fields. Also, this query uses the common ‘nz’ function to deal with null to zero calculations. Note the naming conventions for fields i.e. no spaces but spaces are acceptable for aliases. As a Thank You for Visiting! Claim your free eBook NOW […]

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