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Access Forms VBA: IsLoaded Property Check

Access Forms VBA

Most of the time when developing with MS Access to achieve a really smooth look and feel to your database you will need to eventually code your application and one area where you should start would be with Access forms VBA since end-users will be operating your proud achievements and want to make this a really easy experience for the novice. With my clients, they like to see something very early on in the development cycle and even though I […]

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Using Access Forms VBA: Passing Values Using OpenArgs

Access Forms

Just getting to grips with Access Forms VBA? A very popular keyword is the DoCmd object and this command calls one of several actions within the database application including how to open a form using the sub keyword OpenForm. For example, having a command button on one form to open another form called frm_RecipientForm would look like: DoCmd.OpenForm “frm_RecipientForm” On closer inspection to the above example VBA code, you will find more optional parameters (also known as arguments) that handle […]

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