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Access Form Designs – How To Create A Report Interface For Your Access Database

Access form

For the more polished and professional database, using Access form designs doesn’t necessarily mean viewing records from tables and queries. It can also serve as a general way to manage your MS Access database objects namely Access reports. For example, running reports from a nicely designed form showing a list of available reports that calls another form (perhaps for its criteria) before it actually displays the preview or hard copy report can improve the usability of your custom built application. […]

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ListBox Controls In Microsoft Access Database Forms

MS Access Database

ListBox Controls In Microsoft Access Database Forms – Simple To Create This video tutorial (less than 3 minutes) demonstrates what Listbox controls are in a Microsoft Access form and explains the difference between this control and the similar ComboBox control. ListBox Controls In Microsoft Access Database Forms – An Alternative To The ComboBox Control Using default control wizard utility, the system builds Listbox controls (including the ComboBox too) in seconds with the option of either defining your own value list […]

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