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MS Access Database Images: How To Correctly Handle Them ?

Microsoft access database was never really designed to handle images the same way other Office applications do and maybe it was deemed as bit of an afterthought. Different versions lead to different challenges and the latest version (2016) still have issues ending sometimes up with invisible images on those forms and reports. This is further complicated by having a 32-bit version of Access database 2016 (16.0.4229.1024) and perhaps not the 64-bit version installed but that may not be a good […]

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Preview Of Access 2013 (First Look At Access 15)

Access 2013

So what’s new with Access 2013 (or code named Access 15)? Well, to be honest only one thing really and that’s the word ‘apps’. Since the release of Access 2007, you had the beginnings of being able to publish your database to an online server, host website, SharePoint service or other Access hosting service which required some basic subscription service. Now you have a feature called apps which brings this current database application even closer to an online collaboration with […]

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