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7 Reasons Why You Would Use Access Database VBA In Your Application – Part 2

Microsoft Access 2007

So here are the remaining 3 (of 7) reasons why you should use Access database VBA in your application. Manage more powerful procedures that Microsoft Access macros lack or is limited by creating references and links with other proccesses including custom built functions. Allows you to communicate with other applications and across platforms increasing the seamless power of Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). You can gracefully handle errors (if or when they happen) and will happen from time to […]

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7 Reasons Why You Would Use Access Database VBA In Your Application – Part 1 of 2

Access Database VBA

Some of my subscribers send me emails regarding learning about Access database VBA and when they should use it. So I’ve written the first part (of two) given you 7 reasons why. First thing to note and that is it’s not an exclusive component to Microsoft Access and that is also is available and compatible with other Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Access VBA has the power to communicate with other applications beyond the […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Exporting, Importing Microsoft Access VBA Modules

Microsoft Access Database Tutorial

First of all, a big thank you to one of my subscribers (Bob) for giving me the idea and inspiration to mention a little about how to manage Microsoft Access VBA modules by importing and exporting files between VBA projects in Microsoft Access (and other Office applications). Access VBA programmers will experience a little deja-vu when wanting to re-use code and without having to physically open to copy VBA code and then close Access databases, you can simply learn to […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Protecting your VBA Code in Microsoft Access

MS Access Macro

VBA (or Visual Basic for Applications) is the main programming language used in Microsoft Access and it provides a rich set of functionality enhancing and adding the ‘bells & whistles‘ to your database application. You will need to start protecting the VBA code (which is stored in a module) and the following quick video tutorial shows you how… Protecting your VBA Code in Microsoft Access Database As the author says, it adds an extra layer of protection and anyone with […]

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