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Building Access Forms – Thе Design Concept

MS Access forms

Uѕіng MS Access forms tо display records іn а fаr easier layout аnd format wіll give user’s thе confidence аnd thе protection of controlling data processing tasks. MS Access forms аllоwѕ thе uѕе оf data tо bе presented, managed аnd controlled іn а user-friendly environment making Access mоrе intuitive tо use.  Designing forms іѕ critical fоr оthеr users whо wіll bе responsible fоr thе day-to-day running оf а database аnd hаvе vеrу lіttlе knowledge оf thе structure оf аn […]

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Building Your First Access Database with Microsoft- Part-1

Access Database

If you possess a version of Microsoft Office that incorporates Access (Office Professional 2016 is the latest version), yet you have never used it, you are neglecting an effective tool for organizing and analysing business data. Working with simple lists does not require you to use Access database— you can do it with Excel. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet which offers fundamental tools for such tasks as sorting, filtering, and computing values. If you are working with complex data, Microsoft […]

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Time-saving tips when MS Access database

MS access database

Timing is very important in everything we do in life, in this post you will find out tricks to easily optimize your speed when working with MS Access database, this tips will also help you manage the time while creating access database. Each table should have primary keys: when creating access database in MS access make sure, each and every table in your access database should have primary keys. This allows the system to quickly locate and connect records with […]

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Microsoft Access Tutorial: Creating A Many-To-Many Relationship

Microsoft Access Tutorial

Let’s revisit a popular aspect to your Microsoft Access Tutorial database design; Creating a many-to-many relationship. Firstly, watch this quick video which explain the key components and the starting steps to getting to the many-to-many state for your Access database. In order to create this type of relationship, it’s now clear we need an interceding or junction table to handle the two-way joins of the outer tables with the option of setting referential integrity option which tightens the operational side […]

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Creating a Many-to-Many Relationship in an Access Database

Microsoft Access

A very clear video explanation of how ‘many-to-many‘ relationships works. I’ve seen many video tutorials on this topic to be both very dry and boring but this tutorial has been kept to within 5 minutes; so no caffeine jabs required! What’s more important and to the point here that it is easy to understand how you create a relationship of this type and note that in Microsoft Access you will need three tables where the ‘middle‘ table becomes the junction […]

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Access 2007 Tutorial 1.2. Tables and Relationships

MS Access Macro

Be patient with this video, it’s longer than normal (over 7 minutes) but it covers the essentials when designing and creating a relational (one-to-many) database using two tables. Keep the rules simple and I have three which I want to share with you: Make sure the field’s data type is the same size (and where applicable the same size). Ideally, keep to the same name fields which you are joining – it will help you. Access doesn’t really care! When […]

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