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How to Back up Your Split Database in Microsoft Access ?

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A split database is created by splitting two Access database files ending up with a ‘Back-End’ and ‘Front-End’ database files. A ‘Back-End’ Access database normally contains only the data tables while the ‘Front-End’ comprises the remaining database objects such as queries, forms, and reports. The data that a user inputs in a database object will be stored in the tables that back-end databases hold. Anybody can go through the information available in the front-end database but in order to access the back-end, the user needs to have administrator permission. Splitting a database can improve its performance, help secure your data, […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Understand Database Design Using Microsoft Access 2010

Microsoft Office Access 2007

  Microsoft Access Database Tutorial – My Comments The video talks about planning a Microsoft Access database using a five step plan. Well there are various methodoligies one can use and I use a similar approach with a bit more meat in between the processes involved. To learn more about this and actually how to build an Access database, you may want to check out my eBooks which there are six that comes in a special offer bundle.   Money […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Practice Microsoft Access Database Decorum to Reap the Rewards

Microsoft Access Database

There is a saying when designing an Access database; “The information you get out is directly proportional to the information that is put in” (or something to that effect!). The following article is written by an author who talks you through a typical scenario and how Microsoft Access is one powerful application that will satisfy ‘real-world’ business solutions. Microsoft Access Database – here’s the article below… Before you enthusiastically enter all your information into a Microsoft Access database it is […]

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