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How to Back up Your Split Database in Microsoft Access ?

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A split database is created by splitting two Access database files ending up with a ‘Back-End’ and ‘Front-End’ database files. A ‘Back-End’ Access database normally contains only the data tables while the ‘Front-End’ comprises the remaining database objects such as queries, forms, and reports. The data that a user inputs in a database object will be stored in the tables that back-end databases hold. Anybody can go through the information available in the front-end database but in order to access the back-end, the user needs to have administrator permission. Splitting a database can improve its performance, help secure your data, […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2013 Splash Screen Form

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Back in 2012, I posted an article on how to create a splash screen form without VBA code too using a little trick to name your database with an .bmp extension to it – a hidden gem! However, in this quick video tutorial, the alternative way is to create a navigation form in Microsoft Access (from version 2010) and take advantage of the Access options and a simple macro…take a look… Excuse the music and text narratives but hopefully you should […]

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Access Database Forms: How To Print A Record In Access Through A Form

Access Database Form

Interacting with Microsoft Access database form provides that rich, smooth and harmonious way to control data with functionality.  One popular feature is the ability to call another object namely a report for the active/current record and either preview or print a hard copy avoiding the extra steps of navigating and finding the same record via the database or navigation window. So, how do you print just the one record you are viewing via the form? You will first need to create […]

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Access Database Forms: Working On Various Ways To Apply Read Only To Your Access Form Design

Access Database Forms

Whichever version of Microsoft Access you are currently using, working with and designing Access database forms can be time consuming, challenging and unpredictability, misbehave! The key to a successful form requires two key elements; a) a design plan with scope and b) knowing what form properties to apply to control workflows. It’s the second aspect I want to highlight in this blog post today and in this example, learning how to set a form and behave as ‘read only’ can […]

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Microsoft Access Forms: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Unbound Access Database Forms

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As you may have gathered, one of my roles within this niche covers IT software training. When teaching Ms Access forms (usually during day 2), delegates would normally be shown the quickest method of creating such forms and that means using either the Access form templates or the built-in wizard tool. This of course means most forms (if not all) are ‘bound‘ forms or in other words, have a data source file attached whether it be a table or query. In […]

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