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What’s the new Macro Features from the release of Access database 2010?

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In previous versions of Access database, many usually used functions could not be executed without writing VBA code. With the release of Access database 2010, new features and macro actions have been added to help remove the need for code. This makes it less demanding to add functionality to your database and helps make it more secure. Embedded macros: You can now embed macros in any of the events given by a form, report, or control. An embedded macro is […]

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What Types Of Things Can I Do With A Microsoft Access Database?

Microsoft Access offers

Microsoft Access offers a variety of different ways to how a database can be used. There are six general types of applications which a database will naturally fall under. They are: • Personal or One-to-one use • Small-business (SME) use • Departmental use • Corporation-wide use • Front-end only use (client/server databases) • Web use Of course the above uses can be merged into each other but at the very beginning when planning your Access database, you need to know […]

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