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Create a standalone macro– Part 2


As a reminder,  Please review Create a standalone macro – Part 1 A standalone macro is a macro that is displayed under the Macro in the Navigation Pane. To create a standalone macro, take the following steps: Click the Create Click Macro in the Macros & Code You should be able to see the Macro Designer by now. To add an action, type in the macro action or click on the drop-down menu to display the list from which you choose […]

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What’s the new Macro Features from the release of Access database 2010?

access database

In previous versions of Access database, many usually used functions could not be executed without writing VBA code. With the release of Access database 2010, new features and macro actions have been added to help remove the need for code. This makes it less demanding to add functionality to your database and helps make it more secure. Embedded macros: You can now embed macros in any of the events given by a form, report, or control. An embedded macro is […]

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Using the MS Access Macro to Automate Your Database

MS Access Macro

The MS Access macro has divided developers ever since their introduction. They’ve not changed a great deal in each release, although Office 2010 will see the most significant changes yet. Cryptic error messages, hard to debug and low on error checking are just some of the complaints from seasoned developers. Despite the criticisms, MS Access macros are surprisingly powerful and you will find you can create some amazing functionality. Think about all those mundane, repetitive tasks that you end up […]

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