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Access 2007 Demo: Use the Expression Builder

Access Courses

An excellent video tutorial on how to use the Access database Expression Builder tool. It clearly explains the features of this powerful and useful tool making good use of the terminology with ‘jargon’ free explanations. This tool can be used in a query, form, report, macro and to a lesser extent tables too and applies to all versions of Microsoft Access (as far back as you really need to go!). Here’s a tip to bear in mind (especially when using […]

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Parameters in queries and reports Access 2007

Using Microsoft Access

A quick and easy to follow video tutorial example of how to create a parameter query which reduces the number of stored (repetitive) queries in your database. A parameter prompts you for a value and passes it into your query during the run-time (execution) of the query which makes it a more flexible query as it is now a variable value which is passed and not a fixed value within the design of the query (SQL statement). This can then […]

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Multi-Table Queries in Access 2007

Access Courses

Access 2007 enables you to create multi-table queries that can help you make sense of information you have stored in related tables in your database. When you create a multi-table query, you can join together related information that resides in different tables and make queries that produce efficient, logical and useful results. Ultimately, you can use your multi-table queries to create multi-table reports in Access 2007. To create a multi-table query, select the Show Table dialogue box. You can start […]

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Access 2007 Tutorial 1.2. Tables and Relationships

MS Access Macro

Be patient with this video, it’s longer than normal (over 7 minutes) but it covers the essentials when designing and creating a relational (one-to-many) database using two tables. Keep the rules simple and I have three which I want to share with you: Make sure the field’s data type is the same size (and where applicable the same size). Ideally, keep to the same name fields which you are joining – it will help you. Access doesn’t really care! When […]

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Microsoft Access database 2007 Database Tutorial – Trust Center Locations

Microsoft Access Database

This quick two and half minute video tutorial won’t win any Emmy awards for best production and script but it puts the point across clearly when users see the unwanted ‘security’ banner warning in Access 2007 (and Access 2010) and how to avoid this banner for future use. The author doesn’t like this feature of access database and I can understand why but Microsoft felt it was needed to add extra protection as a warning for unknown access database files […]

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Ready to consider upgrading to Access 2010 or Access 2007 ?

“Ready to consider upgrading to Microsoft Access 2010 or Microsoft Access 2007?…It may well be worth it!…” If you have been using Microsoft Access 2007 for a while now, moving to Access 2010 will be seamless and all you need to do is understand what new features have been introduced and what it has also replaced (where applicable). However, a lot more users haven’t yet upgraded to Microsoft Access 2007 and are still using Access 2003 (or even an earlier […]

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