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Create a standalone macro– Part 2


As a reminder,  Please review Create a standalone macro – Part 1 A standalone macro is a macro that is displayed under the Macro in the Navigation Pane. To create a standalone macro, take the following steps: Click the Create Click Macro in the Macros & Code You should be able to see the Macro Designer by now. To add an action, type in the macro action or click on the drop-down menu to display the list from which you choose […]

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What is the function of primary key when creating a database in access ?

access database 

When building an access database, the primary key is important and an important thing to note when creating a database in access. Before continuing you should know what primary keys mean. What is a primary key Primary keys are fields or fields with values that are unique throughout a table when building an access database. Primary keys can be used to refer to entire records, each record has a different value for the key. A table can only contain just […]

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Time-saving tips when MS Access database

MS access database

Timing is very important in everything we do in life, in this post you will find out tricks to easily optimize your speed when working with MS Access database, this tips will also help you manage the time while creating access database. Each table should have primary keys: when creating access database in MS access make sure, each and every table in your access database should have primary keys. This allows the system to quickly locate and connect records with […]

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Access 2007: Get up to speed

Watch video here A great overview for new users to Access as wells as for users migrating from the earlier versions of Microsoft Access (2003, XP, 2000, 97!). This video tutorial makes it look easy to create and manage an Access database because it really is easy to do so! This quick guide can also apply to the later version of Microsoft Access (2010) though the ‘Office‘ button has now been replaced with a ‘File‘ tab taking you to the […]

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Creating a Multi-Table Report With Sub-Reports in Access 2007

Access 2007

The Report Wizard in Access 2007 can help you create a single-table or multi-table report. Multi-table reports help you look at individual records or data collections grouped by a logical category. For example, if your database holds information about sporting goods stores, and you want to create sales reports for each store, you could create a multi-table report that shows you the sales volumes for the individual stores. A sub-report might contain information about individual product categories sold within each […]

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Using Pivot Tables to View Data in Access 2007

Microsoft Access Database

A good overview and introduction to using Access database pivot tables. This video tutorial gives you enough to get you going and experiment with the flexible options of a pivot table and is clearly explained – hence the 10 minute video. The key thing to remember is that you need to think about the grouping and analysis of the data required for this type of report which probably means a query and not a table in which your pivot table […]

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