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How to create an embedded macro?

Access Database

An embedded macro is a macro that is not displayed in the Navigation Pane under Macros; it is stored in the event properties of forms, reports, or controls. This can make your Access database easier to manage because you don’t need to monitor separate macro objects that contain macros for a form or a report. To create an embedded macro, follow the steps below: Open the form or report that will contain the macro in Design view or Layout view. […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Why I Don’t Use Microsoft Access Macros ?

Microsoft Access 2010

I’m often asked about Microsoft Access Macros and Access Modules (VBA) and why we have two ways to program and automate an Access design database application. They both provide a way to automate your database but are very different from each other indeed when designing and applying these objects. Why Access Macros In The First Place? It’s more of an historical answer and simply put it was the first and only form of automating your Microsoft Access database from the […]

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