How to Use and Modify Your Microsoft Access Database To Outlook Task Tool Utility Using Access VBA

Instantly Download My New, Easy-to-Use £6.97 Product With User Notes to Discover How Easy it is to use Microsoft Access VBA code and Create a Task in Microsoft Outlook

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever needed to be able to send data from your Access database; tables or queries to another application and always reverted to the draconian way of copy and paste?

With Microsoft Access, you always knew that macros and Access VBA code were ways to automate your Access database application but many users had a limited or no knowledge of how to code Access VBA to talk with other applications releasing the power of Microsoft Access (VBA). In this case, I’m using Microsoft Outlook as the receiving application.

Ask any professional Microsoft Access developer and you will find that unless they have built and provided Access interfaces (i.e. Form User Interfaces – UI) then users will be limited and constrained within the standard functionality of sending data outside of Access.

acess database outlook task tool

I’ve created this product utility to make it very easy to communicate with other applications keeping VBA code to a minimum and then you have the confidence and go off and attach this to your existing Microsoft Access database and modify to your exact requirement.

I have developed & delivered training and high end Microsoft Access database courses to thousands of users and to many corporates including HSBC, ABN Amro, Deloitte, Sage and Toyota and I’m a fellow member of the The Institute of IT Training which is the world’s first professional body for IT training professionals which sets standards and code practices within the industry.

Why is that impportant for you to know? Because, I am qualified when I offer you this product that is added and implemented into your very own database system without any additional new coding and manual designing required, making sure that it WORKS! and is BUG FREE!

“How My £6.97 Product With Notes Helps You … Permanently”

Over the many years I’ve been building Microsoft Access database systems for my clients, friends and acquaintances – they have constantly hassled, encouraged, and cajoled me to build small re-usable utilities with a definitive guide about useful tools for Microsoft Access , so I finally gave in and I’m now ready to offer it to you.

But the simple fact of the matter is I’m just passionate with what I do and happy to share my knowledge with others!!!

With this product, you’ll discover how easy it is to add and then use this in your existing database application and here’s a little bonus for you too…


This task utility tool is open for you to gain access to the design components, controls and the VBA code I have used, revealing all my secrets.

When you see the behind the scenes of the design and VBA code it will teach you how I build my systems, though a few conventions may been modified to keep it reasonably simple. But imagine going on a training course to learn to build this very application that I’m offering – how much would it take to deliver, learn and cost? 2, 3 or 4 days? £300, £500 or £1000 for the course?

Here’s a list of what’s this product offers:

  • A customised Access Form to add a new task
  • Open source (VBA) code which is not sealed – like some developers do!
  • Access to the design components and their controls again with VBA code for design hints and tips
  • User notes to get you started
  • BONUS Sample Access Form to send an email (via Outlook) too

“This Product Will Integrate Into Your Existing Microsoft Access Database!”

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself if my product will work for you, right? Here’s the thing: I promise that all of the secrets I reveal in this very special product and guide will continue to work for you and the worklows of your database system.

You take this utility, modify it and you plug it into your existing database as a bolt on!

But for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the results, let me know and I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked 🙂

Your investment to get this utility is just £6.97 (which is really great value as I’m giving you the code to modify it further should you wish to do so). So what’s the catch, right? Well, I’m going to level with you … There is no catch – I just want you see the power of Microsoft Access and how easy and useful a simple utility can be without you having to hire myself or another developer.

If you hired me to build this utility, how long and how much would it cost you? Companies that I’ve developed and consulted for have paid me in the region of £1500 for a couple of coded Forms and supporting Tables.

access vba outlook task design

Buy this product, read the user notes. And then take action by giving me your feedback about how it helped you on my blog – That’s all I ask. I want your honest opinion because it’ll help me make further changes to enhance the guide for future readers; this price will change in the future!

So it’s decision making time…

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How to Use and Modify Your
Microsoft Access Database To Outlook Task Tool Utility Using Access VBA

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I can understand why you might be cautious. After all, we’ve never met, you don’t know me and I don’t know you. That’s part of the reason why I’ve priced this product and guide so ridiculously low at just £6.97.

I’m hoping you’ll say to yourself, “heck, it’s only £6.97, what have I got to lose?!” Your credit or debit card payment is processed by PayPal, and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them. I know that you’ll benefit greatly from the information, so I’ve tried to remove all the barriers for you.

Demonstrate a little trust in me and you’ll be delighted as I repay you many times over with the valuable information in this guide. I’ve been told that I should much more than the asking price, but I don’t want to do that.

Act now, grab the product and guide, and transform your Microsoft Access database today!

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