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microsoft access training

Microsoft Access Training – Online Access Coaching

The most common question I hear from students after attending a standard Microsoft Access or VBA course is “Where do I go from here?

A lot of these courses are very generic even through to the more advanced levels and leave delegates confused and unsure of how to implement the new skills.

This is where I can help (as a Microsoft Access developer consultant and Excel expert trainer) and offer you three levels of support/service to take you to the next step and go on and utilise these powerful tools within your environment and be of a benefit to your business.


I provide a one-on-one training session tailored to your objectives and product requirements (see Access Coaching). This learning experience will break through the jargon and terminology and demist the theories learnt from the ‘generic’ training courses. Ideally, delegates should have a clear understanding and a project in mind which they wish to use as part of the training delivery so you are in touch with ‘real world’ scenarios that makes sense to you.

Our course outlines (Microsoft Excel / Microsoft Access) will be no different to courses offered by any other IT training organisation but by customising the topics relevant, you optimise our time together and deliver more project driven goals. You choose the duration from a single day to as many days as required based on topic selection.

2. PROJECT CONSULTANCY (Access, Excel and/or VBA)

If you have started to build an Access database or are using VBA to enhance either Access or Excel and need further assistance in developing the application to create a professional and polished product then I offer my service as a Microsoft Access developer consultant where we work together and build your application. Tasks and training would be scoped so that you understand and learn as we work together.

This is the best way to learn taking a live project and having the ‘hands on’ approach which gives you (the client) full control and ownership of the final release. I provide the technical and business logic approach occasionally getting my hands dirty by coding and designing interfaces with the client.

You pay by the day for as long as you want!


Delegates attend courses to understand the tools and scope of an application but have very little time to implement them. In most cases our clients leave the coding and interface designing to a professional developer as this is the most cost effective way of ending up with a great application to enhance your business.

I provide a full development programme and hand over the product including the source code which you take full ownership and control. A full functional specification document outlines what the scope of the application and objectives are and acts as the template for the development process.

How long this process can take can’t be measured in a straight forward ‘day by day’ basis but this document provides an estimated number of days and in some cases a fixed guaranteed fee can be agreed in advance.

Our interfaces can be built to your requirements and are clean and user friendly.

Access Database Form Interface example 1
Access Database Form Interface example 2
Access Database Form Interface example 2
Access Database Form Interface example 3
Access Database Form Interface example 3

I have been a Microsoft Access developer for over 19 years now and it’s amazing how popular and powerful this application still is deployed in organisations as either their main processing system or as a supporting uitilty for larger dedicated database appliations.

If you wish to learn more about me or my services, please contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you
Ben Beitler – Your Microsoft Access Developer Consultant Expert!

Based in London and surrounding areas but I can Microsoft Access Training – coach you online wherever you are in the world!

microsoft access training

Microsoft Access Training – Online Access Coaching