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Microsoft Access Database: Microsoft VBA Code Window


Microsoft Access Database: Microsoft VBA Code Window In More Detail

The module being where your Microsoft VBA code is stored is a simple free-text editor but is a sensitive editor environment which prompts and assists you as you type your Access VBA code.

In order to switch on (or off) this sensitivity, you need to check the Options… command located in the Tools menu.

Microsoft Access Database

The highlighted red areas in the above image are the first set of options which is the default and helps new Microsoft VBA code users.

Making sure the code settings where the’Auto…‘ options are enabled, this will show pop-ups and info tips as you type your VBA code.

Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access Database: The Microsoft VBA Code Window

In the code window itself, you have two drop-down controls and the right hand side control is a bookmark (Procedure) feature to quick jump to an existing procedure (or a function) that is stored in the Microsoft VBA code module. By choosing an item in this list, it navigates you to the procedure without the need to manually scroll down the page.

For a control, this will list their events. Therefore, for a Form the following screen lists the events that creates a signature where Access VBA code is added.

Microsoft Access Database

The left hand drop-down box lists all controls for the selected Form or Report object chosen and is dynamically added when controls are added to the object along with their associate names.

As a tip, naming controls will help identify the type and process as this list could grow into a long list.

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