Microsoft Access Database: Access Visual Basic Editor Components

Microsoft Access Database: Access Visual Basic Editor Components

All Access VBA code can be edited and created from the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) application as mentioned earlier.

microsoft access database visual basic editor components

Micrsofot Access Database: Some Visual Basic Editor Components Explained

Toolbars (inc standard at the top)

Contains all the basic buttons to this window like save, switching to back Microsoft Access and hide/show other windows.  There are other Toolbars available; Edit, Debug, User Form which can be swithed on and off by right mouse clicking on a toolbar..

Object Drop-Down Box

This displays the name of the selected object chosen from the drop down box which is used main in a form or report to choose a component you wish to code like a button on a form when you click it.

Procedure Drop-Down Box

This displays the name of the procedure or event of the object you wish to jump to0 and is a quick way to navigate to procedure in a module (a form of bookmarking code). In the Visual Basic Editor, this is automated when you add and delete procedures.

Module Window (VBA Code)

This is where you maintain the Access VBA code. One or more sub and function procedures are stored in this view and users manage code across one or more modules.

You gain access to a module by double-clicking a node from the VBA Project Explorer view.

VBA Project Explorer

All the code associated with an Access Database application is stored in the ‘VBA Project’ window and is the important component in your Visual Basic Editor.  This is automatically saved with the database file and is automatically generated when you start to add VBA code to either a form or report or create a blank new module back in the normal Access database environment.access vba visual basic editor new moduleProperties Window

Properties are characteristics of the selected object.  This window allows you change these characteristics to a form, report and a module.

Immediate Window

This view is used to test the output for any object and their identifiers and is used to debug and refine code without the need to use the data or its objects driectly from within Microsoft Access.

Watch Window

This view is simiar to the above but you first predefine the objects and variables you wish to monitor and view during the debugging process stepping through lines of code at your own speed.

Microsoft Access Database: Final Thoughts to the Visual Basic Editor

There is a useful window called the Object Browser and is a requirement for getting on with understanding Access VBA code as it serves as your library of keywords and commands that you can use in your Visiual Basic Editor.

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