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Microsoft Access Database: Access VBA Programming Environment


All VBA code in your Microsoft Access VBA programming environment is managed in an area known as the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and can be accessible via a form, report or quickly by using the Alt + F11 function key from the keyboard.

This can only be viewed via its host (Microsoft Access) and is available to all modern versions of Access (since Access VBA programming was introduced).

Microsoft Access Database: General VBA Shortcut Keys

The following table shows you some helpful shortcut keys, and their functions, available throughout the VBE (Visual Basic editor), where you write, edit, and test your VBA code.


Shortcut Key

Switch between Access and
the VBA editor
Help F1
View Object Browser F2
View properties/events F4
View Code window F7
View Immediate window Ctrl+G
View shortcut menu Shift+F10 (or right-click)
Run a Sub/UserForm F5
Stop code execution Ctrl+Break
Close VBA Editor and return to Access Alt+Q

Microsoft Access Database: Final Thoughts – Access VBA Programming

Unlike with Microsoft Excel (or Word), there is no macro recorder feature available and therefore some basic Access VBA programming commands and language reference will need to be mastered to edit code.

With the latest version of Microsoft Access (2010), any wizard feature used in a form for example, when adding a button now generates an embedded macro to the form and is not generated as  Access VBA. Earlier versions generated the VBA code for you.

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