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Microsoft Access Database Library: 7 Reasons Why It Should Be Used

Microsoft Access Database Library: 7 Reasons Why It Should Be Used

7 Reasons Why Microsoft Access Database Should Be Used

First of all, let’s clear up what is actually a Microsoft Access Database library. Simply put, it’s a code library or code database when programming your Access database (using VBA code) and is used to manage and access other objects from other applications and sources that are deemed external to MS Access. Therefore, to communicate with say Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook, you would need to first enable and allow permission to use their respective library files before VBA could talk and work with these applications and is provides a layer of security and control how objects are utilised.

Microsoft Access database

So, we are talking about programming Microsoft Access Database using VBA code and it’s not uncommon to have to enable add references to other applications and objects. By doing so, you are really just re-using existing and predefined code to manipulate objects in a certain way and help to quickly build powerful procedures and avoid ‘re-inventing ‘code’ wheels’!


Here are 7 good reasons to use Microsoft Access database libraries

1. Improves the Performance
Access database library can provide access to an improved performance by allowing you to load and run your application faster.

2. Optimises the Memory Usage
It can ensure that your Access application does not bloat or become un-compiled by ensuring optimisation of Memory Usage.

3. Ensures Efficiency
When you re-use a given code that the system memory is already familiar with, itleads to improved memory utilisation, therefore giving greater performance efficiency.

4. Provides Better Security
MS Access database library is known to keep your intellectual property safe (especially if you create your own custom procedures wrapped in a reference file).

5. Allows for Better Sharing
It can be treated as a shared resource as it allows for being shared among multiple database projects across multiple developers.

6. Provides Stability
Access Database Library provides stability to the front-end database making it more robust and harder to break!

7. Easier to Maintain
Maintaining it is not a challenge as the size of the code of the front-end database is small and less complex causing less chance of corruption. Enabling and disabling or switching to other references is managed in main place.

As an added layer of protection for your database, consider using the ACCDE Database Library (convert your MS Access database to an ACCDE file format) which will remove and get rid of redundant code and stops prying eyes gaining access to your code.

As an example, take a look at my task tool utility uses VBA code libraries to communicate with Microsoft Outlook so it can create and populate information to a new task (which is an Outlook object).

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