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How to Insert Date and Time into the Header and Footer Sections of Your MS Access Report ?

How to Insert Date and Time into the Header and Footer Sections of Your MS Access Report ?

Microsoft Access 2016 lets users design their reports with ease and most advantageous way compared to other dedicated reporting tools.

There are various formatting choices that give flexibility and make reports more efficient. Microsoft Access 2016 has a report Wizard (as a starter point) that walks you through the process of creating a report. The report look and feel will greatly depends on the user’s requirements. The more complex it gets, the higher the degree of customization is needed.

The greatest strength of any report is in its structure. If the report is informative, it will surely stand out. You can improve your reports by inserting headers and footers, adding logos, and changing color combinations. In this blog, you will learn how to insert time and date into the header and footer sections of your Microsoft Access 2016  report.

Header and Footer Sections

The header section of a document contains significant information and is displayed in the top margin. Like the header, a document’s footer also contains valuable information. The only difference is that it is positioned at the bottom. The information they contain can be of any kind such as date, time, document name, and page number. They are effective add-ons thatmake your documents more organised and looking professional.

It’s surely a tedious task to write the page number for each and every page you finish, not to mention adding the dates. Some reports require a heading and a subheading on every page. By inserting headers and footers, you can avoid the hassle and make your document easier to read.

The header and footer sections can be viewed when you open your report in Design View. In the image below, you see two headers and two footers. Remember that MS Access always inserts page and report header and footer sections in pairs. This means you cannot insert a page or report header section without also including the corresponding footer section.

Microsoft Access 2016

Inserting Date and Time in the Header and Footer Sections of the Report

To insert date and time in the header section, follow these steps:

1. Open the report in Design View.

2. In the Design tab, click Date and Time in the Header/Footer group to display the Date and Time dialog box.

Microsoft Access 2016

3. Include Date checkbox style should be marked to include the date.
4. Choose the date format.
5. Mark the Include Time checkbox to include the time.
6. Select the time format.
7. Click OK.

You will then see the date and time in the header section. By default, Access database sets the date and time to display in the header. If you want to display the Date (or Time) in the footer section, simply click the Date (or Time) box and drag it down to the footer.

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