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How To Add A Flash Movie SWF File To A Microsoft Access Form

How To Add A Flash Movie SWF File To A Microsoft Access Form

Working with Microsoft Access form designs requires patience and a plan especially when wanting to work with other form controls over and above the standard tools made available by default.

One particular ActiveX control is the ‘Shockwave Flash Object‘ which will allow you to play flash video (or SWF file formats) in an Access form.

Microsoft Access Form

You will need to first load the library file if not added or enabled in order to render this control ready for use. That means going to the microsoft access database Visual Basic editor and call the References… command (under the Tools menu) and enable or browse to load the Shockwave Flash file.

How To Add A Flash Movie SWF File To A Microsoft Access Form ?

From the ribbon bar for a new form (in design view), locate the Design tab and in the Controls section expand the drop-down to reveal ActiveX Controls dialog box where you can scroll down (alphabetically) to click and select the Shockwave Flash Object.

Resize your new added control and then load the Property Sheet to modify your options which you will see are plentiful!

In order to assign the SWF file to your ActiveX control, I recommend adding some simple basic VBA code to the Microsoft Access Form Activate Event as shown below:

Microsoft Access Form

 In my example, I’ve left the object unnamed but it may be wise to give some meaning name like ‘obj_FlashVideo‘. the Movie property waits for a valid path and file name to be assigned and in my example I have chosen a file called ‘AuditTool.swf‘ which is one of my videos about the Microsoft Access Audit tool utility I offer to my students.

The additional variable called ‘m_str_Path‘ is a global variable which is set elsewhere and remembered for later use containing the file’s full path (as shown in the comments for reference only).

 Save the changes and then run your new form.

Microsoft Access Form

BTW: Here’s the SWF file from my offer page in its full glory talking about my Microsoft Access Audit Tool utility.

By all means, continue to add other functionality and bring this form up to a polished looking interface one would expect.

Form design is an art and will take time which is why I have an eBook called How to Build Access Database Forms – Interacting with Microsoft Access and comes with a 100% money back guarantee and 30 day email support too – check it out!

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