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How Building An Access Database To Your Own Specification Will Help ?

How Building An Access Database To Your Own Specification Will Help ?

One of my main ‘day’ jobs includes building an Access database and this would typically cover a wide range of tasks including an add-on report to an existing system, adding a new form interface making it more user-friendly, repairing errors and creating a new database from the ground up.

When applying to tender for a database build, often clients like to see my portfolio work as a way to measure my credentials as an Access database developer. Since most of my clients have sensitive data and processes, I just could not give a new client a copy after all the source code and designs belong to the client.

Yep, that’s right! I normally do not own the finished product. I hand all documents, Access VBA code, and designs to the client direct so they can be free to either self-maintain their own database systems or go and find an alternative resource without being tied to me.

How Building An Access Database To Your Own Specification Giving You Total Control

Therefore, what do I give to clients to evaluate my skills? Well, I have a sample database application which covers a lot of forms working together with some related tables and queries glued together with some VBA code.

building an access database

There are no reports with this system but that is assumed to be a standard acceptance based on the level of the forms they can see and evaluate (since they are very closely related in terms of the design tools available).

It’s a simple order or invoice system where you create a customer profile, add stock inventory, set company information and manage the transaction worklflows. It also has a set-up to manage behind the scenes lists and just for fun a customisable colour interface to extend the power of Microsoft Access with VBA code.

This is a locked system which means I’ve hidden the code and can only be used on a single computer as this is a demonstration only application but fully operational.

building an access database

It’s not a finished product by far and could be adapted to this level if the client were looking to have a similar system as part of their business workflows – I’m sure they maybe some functional bugs but that’s the point of the system (as a way to validate the client had played with the sample database).

Of course, I could teach or coach you on how I build this application or be your consultant in building an Access database from scratch as this is only one of ‘day’ jobs.

You may want to view some of the other database applications which have richer form interfaces extending what I do and if you have any questions use the contact form to email me.

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  1. Ben Beitler says:

    There are more hidden functionality features behind this example system like tracking stock (if flagged) and dynamic captions prompting the user as they interface with the Access database. Give me a call!