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More Access Database Queries

microsoft access database login and workgroup interfaces

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From The Desktop Of: Ben Beitler (London, UK) – “Your Access Database Expert!”

A Guide to More Access Database Queries eBook

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From The Desktop Of: Ben Beitler (London, UK) – “Your Access Database Expert”

Dear Friend,Ever wondered how you really control and reveal the true power behind Microsoft Access Queries that sometimes confuse and baffle end-users ranging from accurate calculations, functions, summarising data through to the much specialised SQL statements and the impact when working with a Relational Database System (RDBMS).

I’ve been there too having ‘fun and games’ in trying to understand why suddenly records went missing or in some cases landed up with too many records. Understanding the rules for each type of query which this eBook guide covers will give you the complete control you require.

The confusion with the many types of possible queries and their practical applications and benefits throws up more questions than it sometimes answers and I know from personal experience how frustrating learning about the various queries (data outputs) can be!

Fortunately for me (and now you), I found a way out…

I spent many, many days of analysing and learning all the possible permutations and mixing the different types of queries around going beyond what the average Access Database user/developer would ever want to know in order to find the real effective set of techniques that I believe you will benefit.

“How My £14.97 Guide Helps You … Permanently”

I have put together a very comprehensive eBook guide of over 60 pages covering the 16 (or so) types of queries I believe you will need to know and is documented separately for clarity but when nested together, WOW the power of your reports take a new dimension!

Access Queries - Parameter - ebook page sample

Here’s a sample of what’s inside the guide:

  • Clear Step by Step instructions for each query type
  • Useful tips and tricks to handle the output
  • Covering the powerful calculation and summary techniques
  • Special queries – creating a league table
  • How to use an interactive query (no programming required)
  • Understanding relational databases with queries
  • Free sample downloadable database to follow the exercises

“Why This Guide Works – More Access Database Queries
That You Need to Know”

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself if my Guide will work for you, right?  Here’s the thing: I promise that spending the time studying this guide you will have a good grasp & understanding of which type of query you will need to apply to your next (process) report avoiding a lot of guess work!

But if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the results, let me know and I’ll give you your money back 🙂

Read it.  And then take action by giving me your feedback about how it helped you on my blog – That’s all I ask. I want your honest opinion because it’ll help me make further changes to enhance the guide for future readers.

So it’s decision making time…

To get instant access to the downloadable guide, right now, click the “Buy Now” button you see in the order below…


A Guide to “More Access Database Queries” eBook

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“Still Unsure About Your £14.97 Decision? Read On!

I’m hoping you’ll say to yourself, “heck, it’s only £14.97, what have I got to lose?!” Your credit or debit card payment is processed by PayPal, and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them.  I know that you’ll benefit greatly from the information, so I’ve tried to remove all barriers for you.

Act now, grab the guide, and transform your knowledge of Microsoft Access Queries today!

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“I’m so confident that you’ll be delighted with this guide that I’ll happily give 100% of your money back £14.97 if this very special Guide fails to exceed your expectations with the useful, practical and easy-to-follow, step-by-step information it contains.”

Kind regards,

Ben Beitler – “Your Access Database Expert!

P.S. ACT NOW! and I will give you  a 30 day support service (by email) FOR FREE! to help build and refine your Access Database Queries (any version).

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