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Microsoft Access VBA Programming eBook

microsoft access database login and workgroup interfaces

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From The Desktop Of: Ben Beitler (London, UK) – “Your Access Database Expert!”

Microsoft Access VBA Programming eBook

Instantly Download My New, Easy-to-Read £33.97  ebook Guide and Discover the Art to Programming in Microsoft Access. Learn to Master both the Database Application Functions using VBA code.

From The Desktop Of: Ben Beitler (London, UK) – “Your Access Database Expert”

Need to automate and add some ‘bells and whistles’ to your database? Having worked with Microsoft access database for many years now, I always looked forward to the final release of an Access database system knowing the benefits the client will gain in a very short space of time.

In order to see the reward not just for my clients but for myself too taking pride of the hard earned effort in planning, designing, building and implementing a system, the application needed to be user-friendly and therefore automated in some sensible fashion – VBA code is the ideal fit for this!

The pain and frustration of seeing end-users to fend for themselves trying to operate a database that had been poorly designed by developers providing a shoddy service in the first place meant that I had to take action! The action of explaining how easy it really is to use VBA code in MS Access and be your own master at programming –  a valuable skill worth having!

Microsoft Access VBA is often overlooked or ignored due to the perceived difficulty level of knowledge required. In fact, VBA opens the power of Access and allows you to communicate even beyond Access with other powerful desktop applications like Excel and Word. Access VBA can also perform a simple function (if that’s all is needed) to a high level of working with other external databases and Windows services to form a seamless way to integrate with other interfaces.

microsoft access vba ebook offer

Here’s a sample of what’s inside the guide:

  • An introduction to VBA programming
  • Mastering the component to the VBA Editor and tools
  • Building the confidence in creating a program
  • Understanding the VBA code structures and syntax
  • Learning about other libraries and how they fir in with Access
  • Using Access with VBA to automate beyond Access
  • Working with Access forms in VBA mode
  • Working with SQL, Recordsets and ADODB
  • Building real-world interfaces with VBA code
  • Customising controls including drop-down and listboxes
  • Building your own Access custom functions
  • Testing, Debugging and handling Errors in VBA (with the tools)
  • Beyond MS Access – Using other applications
  • Plenty of example data (database) and VBA code files supplied

So it’s decision making time…

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My Access Database VBA eBook Guide

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You can also have the full version with all the other functionalities and features of the software discussed in detail so that if you need information and guidance on more than one feature you can have it all at your disposal without going through the hassle of going through multiple books.

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Should you find a topic or the content related to it in the book confusing? you can email me anytime for free support service.I am always here to help you out with your queries regarding Microsoft Access Database.

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Kind regards,

Ben Beitler – “Your Access Database Expert!

P.S. ACT NOW! and I will give you  a 30 day support service (by email) FOR FREE! to help build and refine your Access Database (any version) for you.

Microsoft access database

Kind regards,

Ben Beitler – “Your Access Database Expert!

 P.S. ACT NOW! and I will give you  a 30 day support service (by email) FOR FREE! to help build and refine your Access Database (any version) for you.