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Microsoft Access Database 2013 Splash Screen Form

microsoft access database

Back in 2012, I posted an article on how to create a splash screen form without VBA code too using a little trick to name your database with an .bmp extension to it – a hidden gem! However, in this quick video tutorial, the alternative way is to create a navigation form in Microsoft Access (from version 2010) and take advantage of the Access options and a simple macro…take a look… Excuse the music and text narratives but hopefully you should […]

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Using Access 2010 – 5 Quick Tips

MS Access Macro

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned Access database user, it’s always useful to know some quick tips to help navigate and control the application’s environment. Here are 5 quick tips to using Microsoft Access 2010 (some are exclusive to this version!): 1. The Ribbon Bar This is great for the new user but for those who have migrated like myself became a little disorientated. Two little tips here; Get to know the Ribbon Bar it is reasonably well organised […]

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