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4 Reasons Why It Is Good For Your Business- Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access

Here’s an article recently published about Microsoft Access databases called 4 Reasons Why MS Access Is Good For Your Business which highlights the key reasons well. The four bullet point reasons from the article are: You Probably Already Have A Copy Of It It’s Fully Integrated With Other Office Apps  It’s Highly Versatile & Constantly Improving It’s Scalable For Future Expansion Also take a look at an older article of mine expanding on the benefits of Microsoft access making it a perfect match for […]

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Using Table and Query Naming Conventions : Microsoft Access Database

ms access

MS Access Database: Using Table and Query Naming Conventions. As part of the good working practices and disciplines when designing your Microsoft Access database, using good naming conventions will be essential as not all parts of the Microsoft Access application is consistent. Take a look at this quick video tutorial (about two and half minutes)… As clearly explained, not all aspects of the MS Access application provides a way to easily see what type of object you could be managing […]

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Building Access Databases -Using Data Analysis Tools

Building Access Databases

Here’s a quick one minute video demonstration on the main Microsoft Access database tools available for your reference. This video tutorial is based on Access 2013 but it applies to all versions (albeit maybe found in other parts of the application). As you can see, these tools look a little tired and old style Windows which highlights that they have been around since the dawn of MS Access!  Who’s ever used them? Building Access Databases – Using Data Analysis Tools These […]

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What Are The New Features In Microsoft Access 2016

Microsoft Access 2016

Here’s a quick less than three minute video on what’s new with Microsoft Access 2016 to quickly discover if it’s actually worth the upgrade! As the video informs us, there seems to be little difference between the previous version (2013) and not convincing us it’s worth the effort or even an additional slight cost (unless of course you’ve subscribed to Office 365 with apps – meaning it’s effectively already been priced in and therefore free) to bother. What Are The […]

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Microsoft Access Database Blog – Six Years On

MS access

Wow! It’s been nearly six years of providing you with MS Access database blogs and I wanted to say a big thank you to all you, the subscribers and of course those who entrusted me by purchasing one of my e-products and e-books. If this is your first visit to my blog then welcome 🙂 Take a look at this blog site and browse the history by selecting the Archive ‘drop-down’ box by month. There are over 300 posts and several ways to navigate through the […]

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Should We Be Using Calculated Table Fields-Microsoft Access Database ?

Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access Database: Should We Be Using Calculated Table Fields With the introduction of Microsoft Access 2010, a new data type field appeared in your table design view which provided a basic way to take fields in the same table and create new expressions as a new dedicated field sitting at the ‘top of hierarchy’ database! However, should we really be using this new data type and practice at all? Purists will frown upon this technique and say you should stick […]

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