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Building Your First Access Database with Microsoft- Part-1

Access Database

If you possess a version of Microsoft Office that incorporates Access (Office Professional 2016 is the latest version), yet you have never used it, you are neglecting an effective tool for organizing and analysing business data. Working with simple lists does not require you to use Access database— you can do it with Excel. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet which offers fundamental tools for such tasks as sorting, filtering, and computing values. If you are working with complex data, Microsoft […]

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Working with ms access tables

ms access tables

Like in other database application tables are the building block of any ms access database. These tips will be on how to create ms access tables and enter data in the database that is stored in your tables. Tables are the only place you can store data in ms access databases. What is a table in ms access? The table is set of columns and rows. Columns in ms access tables are called fields. When working with a table, every […]

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4 Reasons Why It Is Good For Your Business- Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access

Here’s an article recently published about Microsoft Access databases called 4 Reasons Why MS Access Is Good For Your Business which highlights the key reasons well. The four bullet point reasons from the article are: You Probably Already Have A Copy Of It It’s Fully Integrated With Other Office Apps  It’s Highly Versatile & Constantly Improving It’s Scalable For Future Expansion Also take a look at an older article of mine expanding on the benefits of Microsoft access making it a perfect match for […]

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Microsoft Access News: Updating the Access Services in SharePoint Roadmap

Microsoft Access

If you have been using Microsoft Access Services (in SharePoint), be aware of the latest news last week of this being dropped. Not to surprised! Microsoft Access is a desktop power application tool which works very well with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). A web version always had its limitations and it seems now perhaps there was never a large enough take up of developers when other and better alternatives were in the offering. Anywhere, here’s the article: Microsoft Access […]

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Using Table and Query Naming Conventions : Microsoft Access Database

ms access

MS Access Database: Using Table and Query Naming Conventions. As part of the good working practices and disciplines when designing your Microsoft Access database, using good naming conventions will be essential as not all parts of the Microsoft Access application is consistent. Take a look at this quick video tutorial (about two and half minutes)… As clearly explained, not all aspects of the MS Access application provides a way to easily see what type of object you could be managing […]

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Microsoft Access Database Working On A Mac O/S

access database

Don’t shoot the messenger but you can use Microsoft Access database on a Mac O/S – well with some software intervention that is! The say things happen in three! Over the holiday period and starting the new year, I had to deal with my website hosting and domain provider shutting down forcing a change of all services (hence my new look and feel website), my broadband behaving even more erratically forcing me to upgrade to a super-fast alternative and finally my […]

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