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Microsoft Access: The mindset of the VBA programmer

Microsoft Access

From my new VBA book due out soon, here’s an extract about the mindset of the Microsoft Access database VBA programmer… We need to start by establishing a frame of reference as to what we should expect when we are writing VBA code. Consider the scenario where you command a child to “open the door.” Think about all the individual actions that it takes to accomplish that one statement. The child has to approach the door, align the hand with the […]

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Microsoft Access Database Library: 7 Reasons Why It Should Be Used

Microsoft Access Database

7 Reasons Why Microsoft Access Database Should Be Used First of all, let’s clear up what is actually a Microsoft Access Database library. Simply put, it’s a code library or code database when programming your Access database (using VBA code) and is used to manage and access other objects from other applications and sources that are deemed external to MS Access. Therefore, to communicate with say Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook, you would need to first enable and allow permission […]

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Microsoft Office JavaScript Library Will Be Complete Across Office 365, iOS and Mac Early Next Year


Microsoft will be having a consistent JavaScript API across the Windows, Mac and mobile version of Office. Looking at Microsoft Office development is like looking at an old tree’s cross-section – you will find different layers from different eras. Each layer is carefully maintained for compatibility. Run the just-released Word 2016, enable the Developer ribbon, click VBA, and there is Visual Basic for Applications 7.1, using traditional VB as found in the long-deprecated VB 6.0 from 1998. Since VBA is built on COM […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2016 Is Not Included In Office 365

Since its release, Microsoft Access database will not be available for all users of Office 365. Shocking isn’t it? Users who have purchased an Office 365 Business Premium were surprised to discover that Access 2016 wasn’t included in their subscriptions. Access 2016 is not included with any of the Office 365 Business subscriptions, even in Office 365 E1 or Office 365 Pro Plus enterprise subscriptions. If you want Microsoft Access Database 2016 in your enterprise, you should be opting instead for the full Office 365 E3 subscription. What […]

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Microsoft Access Database Tutorial VBA Code Task Tool To Outlook

Microsoft Access Database

It’s very strange how Microsoft Access database systems and processes constantly repeat themselves and once again I’m working on some VBA code to communicate with Microsoft Outlook (Email and contact management system). Here you can see a quick video of such a simple but effective utility I offer (for only the cost of a couple of pints of beer!) – check it out… Microsoft Access Database Tutorial VBA Code Task Tool To Outlook The Task Tool utility was built to demonstrate […]

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Microsoft Access Database – My Very Own Custom Built Utilities

This time of year and over the last few weeks, we get new users or students entering the Microsoft Access database arena from people of various walks of life whether that is a student learning about IT and computer based systems or starting a new job or career wanting to brush up on their skills that I like to remind all of my custom built utilities which serves more than one objective. The tools I offer are not free but […]

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