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Microsoft Access 2016 Will Soon Support Large Number (BigInt) Data Type

Microsoft Access 2016 Database eBook

Coming soon… Microsoft Access 2016  will gain a new data type called ‘Large Number‘ which will be an extension to the Number at a type or more commonly referred as BigInt (Big Integer). Large Number (or BigInt) is a new supported data type that will help developers and users with added analytical capability. This extended support means that Access can finally read and write data to and from external data sources which make also makes use of BigInt. This has been a limitation […]

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Using Table and Query Naming Conventions : Microsoft Access Database

ms access

MS Access Database: Using Table and Query Naming Conventions. As part of the good working practices and disciplines when designing your Microsoft Access database, using good naming conventions will be essential as not all parts of the Microsoft Access application is consistent. Take a look at this quick video tutorial (about two and half minutes)… As clearly explained, not all aspects of the MS Access application provides a way to easily see what type of object you could be managing […]

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Microsoft Access Database Working On A Mac O/S

access database

Don’t shoot the messenger but you can use Microsoft Access database on a Mac O/S – well with some software intervention that is! The say things happen in three! Over the holiday period and starting the new year, I had to deal with my website hosting and domain provider shutting down forcing a change of all services (hence my new look and feel website), my broadband behaving even more erratically forcing me to upgrade to a super-fast alternative and finally my […]

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Welcome To My Rebuilt Microsoft Access Database Website

Microsoft Access Database

Rebuilt and New Look and Feel Microsoft Access Database Website A new year and a new look and feel website for you 🙂 So, if you haven’t visited us before, we are Access database tutorial – a blog website all about Microsoft Access database. Take a look, browse our blog articles since 2010 and consider some of our unique and exclusive offers and ebooks. Very easy to follow eBooks and rebuilt eProduct tools to plug into your own Access database […]

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Microsoft Access: Office 365 Business Subscription Plans To Be included

Microsoft Access

Office 365 Business Subscription Plans To Be included Microsoft plans to add Microsoft Access database to its Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium subscription plans. The above plans currently do not provide this all powerful Access application but from the 1st of December until the end of January 2017 will get this automatically updated to their accounts. Microsoft Access: Office 365 Business Subscription Plans To Be included Be aware, if an organisation subscribing to either of those two […]

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Building Access Databases -Using Data Analysis Tools

Building Access Databases

Here’s a quick one minute video demonstration on the main Microsoft Access database tools available for your reference. This video tutorial is based on Access 2013 but it applies to all versions (albeit maybe found in other parts of the application). As you can see, these tools look a little tired and old style Windows which highlights that they have been around since the dawn of MS Access!  Who’s ever used them? Building Access Databases – Using Data Analysis Tools These […]

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