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Microsoft Access Update Queries: An Action Query

Ms Access Query

I witnessed a cardinal sin of one person manually editing the same value across multiple records instead of using one of Microsoft Access queries well known action query; the update query. Take a quick look at this preview video which is seven minutes long and covers the essentials (and ignore the title with reference to programming in 2013 – not applicable here). In this video, the author mentions the exact match (in double quotations marks) when setting the criteria as […]

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Concatenating Multiple Rows Into Single Line In MS Access

Ms Access

Now I’m not going to take credit for this next piece of Microsoft Access database VBA code as it was originally created by a well-known Allen Browne – many thanks! Instead, I’m going to borrow his code for you (my regular readers) just in case you haven’t seen this before and add an element of quickly adding criteria to a query as a workaround to avoid expanding the VBA code itself. There are potential problems and errors this code will […]

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How To Create A Running Totals Query In Microsoft Access

If you wanted to calculate a running sum (or a cumulative total) for a report; this is simply set by using the correct ‘Running Sum‘ property for a selected control like a numeric bound field (text box) and all you need to do is decide whether this will be over a group or the whole report. However, this doesn’t exist in a query and to mimic the report feature to recreate running totals query in Microsoft Access, you will need to […]

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SQL Commands: MS Access SQL Versus SQL Server – The Differences

MS Access

It’s a common mistake when MS Access developers assume their know SQL commands being common to all platforms. Yes, there is a common standard syntax but at the same time, there are variances between software systems. It’s like choosing a flavour of ice cream; different tastes but it’s still ice cream and if you mix them, again different tastes but may not always be compatible to the palette! I’ve seem many questions come up on forums about the differences and […]

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Microsoft Access Queries – How Many Types Do You Know And Use In Your Access Database?

Microsoft Access query

You use Microsoft Access query to view, change, and analyse data in different ways. You can also use them as a source of records for your forms, reports, and other output views. So, how many do you know? How many have actually used? Get Microsoft Access queries to ask questions of your database. The more you ask the more answers you get! To me, it’s the heart of any database application and without them there’s no life so take the time […]

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Microsoft Access Queries: 7 Basic Things to Know About MS Access Queries

Ms Access query

As I have mentioned before, Ms Access query is considered the most important object in your database. It’s the heart of the system and if you bypass it, there’s simply no life to your application! Just to put words into pictures, have a look at this simple diagram below (taken from one of my eBooks) You can see the above ‘Middle’ tier is a query which sits comfortably in the middle servicing all other key ‘Access‘ objects. Now imagine there were […]

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