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Microsoft Access Database: Pass Through Queries

Ms Access Query

There are many Ms Access Query to choose from that will manage your database reporting requirements but there are a handful of lesser known types of queries that you may not be aware of. One in particular is a query called ‘Pass Through Query‘ as the following short video tutorial quickly explains… Putting aside for the heavy American accent, it clearly explains the use for this type of query and the power behind how a server based process like SQL Server will take the work […]

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Microsoft Access Queries and How Important They Are in Your Database

Microsoft Access Database

The heart of any MS Access database system resides with the queries and I’m often asked to give new users a quick overview of this powerful application – here’s an example… A Microsoft Access Database is a desktop application which stores large amounts of data and is able to recognize relationships between those data. It consists of data and tools that enable users to manipulate that data.  One of these tools are the queries. Microsoft Access Queries are used specifically […]

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Microsoft Access Database Versus Excel – Which To Choose?

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Database Versus Excel Why Access? Why Excel? In the modern age, ‘the books’ are done digitally. Individuals and businesses alike use software like Microsoft Excel to do a bunch of database stuff… – but strangely, bizarrely, bafflingly, Microsoft Access database remains a highly underused product in the Microsoft Office package.  There seems to be a general misconception about Access and Excel, with many people believing Excel to be both easier and more applicable to their needs. Databases vs Spreadsheets So what’s the […]

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Microsoft Access Queries: Some Pointers To Building Those Reports

Database developers have admired Microsoft Access because it’s scalable and user friendly (for a development application that is) and provides a good ‘one-stop‘ shop balance for database management meeting small and medium sized company needs. I have always harked on about the key to a good database is in the query and just in case you are not yet familiar with Microsoft Access queries, here is just a little bit of information. What are Access Queries? Well the simple answer […]

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Microsoft Access Database Tutorial – Selecting Unique And Distinct Values In A Query

Microsoft Access

There are many different types and ways to run queries that your Microsoft Access database application provides and one useful ms access query is where you can create a distinct or unique value list from duplicate or repeating values from other records. Check out this 4 minute video tutorial which clearly explains two ways to create a unique value query report. As the video shows, you can use either the property sheet to select unique value or the SQL statement approach […]

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Microsoft Access Queries: Difference Between The Where Clause And the Having Clause

Ms Access

Within the framework of using Ms Access queries, the HAVING clause can only be used with the GROUP BY type SQL statement which is also referred as the Groups and Totals query. The HAVING keyword when not used with the GROUP BY statement acts as a standard WHERE clause. The HAVING clause specifies a condition that is similar to the purpose of a WHERE clause when  applying criteria but the two clauses are not interchangeable. The key difference between these two keywords is […]

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