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Microsoft Access Database Tutorial VBA Code Task Tool To Outlook

Microsoft Access Database

It’s very strange how Microsoft Access database systems and processes constantly repeat themselves and once again I’m working on some VBA code to communicate with Microsoft Outlook (Email and contact management system). Here you can see a quick video of such a simple but effective utility I offer (for only the cost of a couple of pints of beer!) – check it out… Microsoft Access Database Tutorial VBA Code Task Tool To Outlook The Task Tool utility was built to demonstrate […]

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Concatenating Multiple Rows Into Single Line In MS Access

Ms Access

Now I’m not going to take credit for this next piece of Microsoft Access database VBA code as it was originally created by a well-known Allen Browne – many thanks! Instead, I’m going to borrow his code for you (my regular readers) just in case you haven’t seen this before and add an element of quickly adding criteria to a query as a workaround to avoid expanding the VBA code itself. There are potential problems and errors this code will […]

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Access VBA Events: What Are Events And How Do We Use MS Access VBA Events

Access VBA

Microsoft Access VBA events have been around forever! Well, not forever but since VBA has been (circa 20+ years) and it’s still widely unexplored beyond the basic event triggers one gets to see and know about namely the clicking of a Command Button on a form or when the form itself opens. Many users and developers have used events in many ways which is not just exclusive to MS Access (Excel is also a very popular application) and to get […]

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Access Report VBA: Using Some VBA Report Properties To Automate Your Microsoft Access Reports


Working and automating an Access report VBA will require some knowledge of the module window (VBE), the defined sections and an insight to pre-defined events for each element of a report design interface. However, let’s take a step back and identify some of the report properties that can be used in a module that do not appear in a standard design view layout for a report. The three I want to highlight here and you may want to note are: […]

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MS Access Functions: How To Build A Soundex Or Sounds Like Custom Access VBA Function

MS Access

Working with MS Access functions (of the built-in variety), you may have noticed a vast list of functions across different categories. By combining (or nesting) functions, you can certainly produce complex output values which will serve you well with your queries, forms and reports. However, there is one lacking feature (or function) in Microsoft Access that could hinder searching for values and that is a function that can find similar or ‘sounding like’ a string match of characters. This function […]

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MS Access Databases Properties: How To Set It Using Access VBA And The DAO Object

MS Access databases

As with most Microsoft Office applications, MS Access databases also have a properties feature that captures the basic file attributes like author, date and subject to name a few. There is also a custom tab to edit and add your own properties and is stored with the database file itself. To know more about changing the built-in properties window, see view and change MS Office 2010 file properties. For the earlier versions (pre 2007), this feature can be found via the […]

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