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How to Convert Microsoft Access Macros To Visual Basic For Application VBA

Access VBA

The scenario: You’ve inherited an Access database that was originally built way back say with version 97 and some of the forms have started to look a little tired (which is not an issue) and you discovered that when opening the database there are over 250 separate macro procedures which most were only useful for a single form. What do you do? You certainly need to consider either tidying up the macros, grouping them in to some sort of logical […]

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Access Macros 2010: How To Use Data Table Macro Triggers

If you are currently using Microsoft Access 2010, you will probably have seen the new data Access Macros 2010 for a table which there are 5 different events to choose from. Take a look at this video tutorial (which is less than 5 minutes) demonstrating how you can set and apply a data macro to a table and in this case using the ‘Before Change’ event. Access Macros 2010: How To Use Data Table Macro Triggers There are therefore three types of macros available […]

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Using The Message Box in VBA And Access Macros


If you know anything about Access databases and that data is automatically bound to either a table or a simple query meaning data is saved to disk then on some occasions you may want to control this action. Using the message box in VBA or as a macro procedure can intercede and prompt users before committing to disk. This is just one example of a prompt you can add and call to your database which will help those workflows and […]

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How To Open Access In Full Screen: Opening A Form As Maximized ?

Access Database

Once users get a grip on form design techniques in Microsoft Access database, they normally want to jump ahead and customize forms in their applications that appear polished and professional. One technique they can use is to open Access in full screen view which hides other no essential screens keeping your database neat and tidy. It requires a combination of setting various form properties during the design time mode and optionally (but ideally) applying either macros or VBA code to […]

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Access Macros: There Are Now 3 Types Of Microsoft Access Macros (2010)

Microsoft Access Database

With the latest version of Microsoft Access (2010), there are now 3 types of Access macros developers can utilise and release the power of this application further. The 3 types are as follows: Macro Objects Embedded Macros Data Macros Macro objects are avialable to all versions of Microsoft Access but version 2010 has a new interface tool plus more key commands and functionality. It is where you store the general procedures to your database. Embedded macros were introduced from version […]

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Access Requery Or Not To Requery – That Is The Question


The following four methods can be found in Microsoft Access and have different uses: Access Requery Access Refresh Access Repaint Access Recalc They can be split into two parts where the first two points handles records (the data) and the latter two the objects and their components (no data). Therefore you can start by answering the first simple question to help navigate to which part is best to use: “Do I want to update data or components in my Microsoft […]

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