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How to create an embedded macro?

Access Database

An embedded macro is a macro that is not displayed in the Navigation Pane under Macros; it is stored in the event properties of forms, reports, or controls. This can make your Access database easier to manage because you don’t need to monitor separate macro objects that contain macros for a form or a report. To create an embedded macro, follow the steps below: Open the form or report that will contain the macro in Design view or Layout view. […]

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What’s the new Macro Features from the release of Access database 2010?

access database

In previous versions of Access database, many usually used functions could not be executed without writing VBA code. With the release of Access database 2010, new features and macro actions have been added to help remove the need for code. This makes it less demanding to add functionality to your database and helps make it more secure. Embedded macros: You can now embed macros in any of the events given by a form, report, or control. An embedded macro is […]

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How to Create an Autokeys Closing Macro in Microsoft Access ?

Microsoft Office 2016

As a follow on from my last post about Microsoft Access Macros, here’s a good working example clearly explained using the ‘unsafe’ CloseWindow command… It walked you through creating a custom hotkey for Microsoft Access (using version 2010 though it will also apply through to the current version, 2016) which used the ‘Autokeys’ macro. This macro shows you how to avoid a problem during a design and run-time for a form where incorrectly closing this object can save filters and sorts into their properties and alter their behaviour when […]

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Microsoft Access 2016 Macros: Show All Macro Commands

Ms Access Query

The great debate of whether to use Microsoft Access 2016 macros or the higher level of VBA code will linger on until the end of time (or realistically, Access is discontinued)! In the meantime, most Access developers will continue to lean towards Access VBA but the majority of power users, self-taught Access designers will still embrace the ease of g using macros to automate their databases. With the later versions of MS Access (post 2010), macros have become more powerful […]

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Microsoft Access Databases: Pros & Cons of Access Macros

Access Macros

Here’s an snippet from my popular Microsoft Access database eBook on How To Use Microsoft Access Macros & Automate Your Application  In this section I’m going to list the advantages and disadvantages of using Access macros that is an exercise developers need to carry out to determine how they will programme their application going forward and avoid the dreaded result of having a ‘pear shaped’ and inflexible database. Benefits of using Access Macros Here’s the list: 1. Easier to write! […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2013 Splash Screen Form

microsoft access database

Back in 2012, I posted an article on how to create a splash screen form without VBA code too using a little trick to name your database with an .bmp extension to it – a hidden gem! However, in this quick video tutorial, the alternative way is to create a navigation form in Microsoft Access (from version 2010) and take advantage of the Access options and a simple macro…take a look… Excuse the music and text narratives but hopefully you should […]

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