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Designing A Multi-Table Query – Part 3

To view Part-1 of this series, (by Ben Beitler ), Click here >> Creating A Multi-Table Query Since we have planned our question, we are prepared to design and run it. If you have made written plans for your query, make certain to reference them frequently all through the ms access query design process. These are the steps in creating a multi-table query: 1. Choose the Query Design from the Create tab on the Ribbon. 2. In the Show Table dialog box that shows, choose each […]

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Designing A Multi-Table Query – Part 2

ms access query

To view Part-1 of this series, (by Ben Beitler ), Click here >> Queries can be hard to comprehend and fabricate if you don’t have a smart thought of what you’re trying to search and how to find it. A one-table MS access query can be simple enough to make up as you go along. However, to construct anything more powerful, you will need to plan the query initially. Planning a MS access query When planning a query that uses multiple tables, follow […]

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Microsoft Access Database Forms: Should We Use Unbound Forms?

Microsoft Access

I’ve always been a big fan of Microsoft Access databases, why? Because I like the way a rich application like this can be customised and designed from the floor up with little IT programming and development knowledge. Plus, I like building things 🙂 As a recap, knowing the difference between what an unbound versus a bound Ms Access form is will help divide the distinction and allow you to determine which approach will suit best. Microsoft Access like any other […]

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How to Create an Autokeys Closing Macro in Microsoft Access ?

Microsoft Office 2016

As a follow on from my last post about Microsoft Access Macros, here’s a good working example clearly explained using the ‘unsafe’ CloseWindow command… It walked you through creating a custom hotkey for Microsoft Access (using version 2010 though it will also apply through to the current version, 2016) which used the ‘Autokeys’ macro. This macro shows you how to avoid a problem during a design and run-time for a form where incorrectly closing this object can save filters and sorts into their properties and alter their behaviour when […]

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Comparing Microsoft Access App and MS Access Desktop Database

Microsoft Access 2016

Here’s an overview of the comparisons between using Microsoft Access 2016 App and the desktop version. An Access app is a database that you design and modify in Microsoft Access 2016 and use in a standard web browser. The data and database objects are stored in SQL Server or Microsoft Azure SQL Database, so you can share the data within your organisation using on-premises SharePoint or Office 365 for business. An Access App is created either from a template or […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2013 Splash Screen Form

microsoft access database

Back in 2012, I posted an article on how to create a splash screen form without VBA code too using a little trick to name your database with an .bmp extension to it – a hidden gem! However, in this quick video tutorial, the alternative way is to create a navigation form in Microsoft Access (from version 2010) and take advantage of the Access options and a simple macro…take a look… Excuse the music and text narratives but hopefully you should […]

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