Microsoft Access Database: Applications

Please see the below some of the screenshots of my property portfolio system built using Microsoft Access and VBA.

Access Database Form Interface example - Portflio Manager
Access Database Form Interface example – Portfolio Manager

The above interface is the starting screen which gives you a quick search tool for an individual (vendor) or date reference, profile details including obvious name and address, valuations and lender information. Tabbed screens also show related history of sale and sold prices for the current property. There is also a contact log tab that is interactive and a menu driven system to navigate to other processes and screens.

Access Database Form Interface example – Contact Log

The above screen is a snapshot view of the contact manager tool which is linked to the main interface providing further functionality to keep of track of various types of calls and logs. There is an added feature to interact with Microsoft Outlook and set reminders as a task.

Access Database Form Interface example - Deal Calculator
Access Database Form Interface example – Deal Calculator

The above screenshot is a deal calculator tool that works out and computes the profitability (or loss) of a new acquisition and can be programmed to meet your rules and workflows. The ‘Results’ box is simple to determine the outcome of profit and cash flow.

There are other features which include the ability to create stand-alone tasks, Outlook tasks, run reports and import external data from other (CRM) systems.

In fact, anything can be added due to the flexibility and customisation features of Microsoft Access and VBA. There is no ‘out of the box‘ solution which is why there is no fixed price for a system.

If you would like to know more about this system or any other systems I have, please get in contact with me and I will discuss your requirements.

A final thought! some of my clients like to build their own solutions from a base system (like the above) and normally this lands up being a mentoring and training development project which is an ideal way to learn and improve your Access skills ten fold.

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