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Access Free Stuff


I have provided the following downloads and links to help users with some of the supporting tools and utilities for Microsoft Access.

They are all FREE! (so don’t pay for them anywhere else) and can be found anywhere on the internet by carrying out a simple search but I thought you may like a convenient place of downloading from here instead…

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Microsoft Access Runtimes





If you are going to distribute your Access database file to a user who does not have a copy of Microsoft Access, you can give them a free run-time version.

Click here for the Access 2016 Runtime

Click here for the Access 2013 Runtime

Click here for the Access 2010 Runtime

Click here to download Access 2003 Runtime

Users will not be able to design or modify objects with this tool but only be able to ‘run‘ the objects designed from the full version of Access.

Note: Please make sure you have checked out the licence agreement and understood the terms before deploying the above run-times. Search on Microsoft’s website for further information.

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Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer





The Microsoft Snapshot file format provides a way of storing a static snapshot of reports from Microsoft Access (from versions 97 through 2007). It enabled Windows users without Microsoft Access to view an electronic version of an Access report.

Click here to download MS Access Snapshot Viewer

As from Microsoft Access 2010 dropped this feature and it has now been replaced the more popular PDF or XPS file format.

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Free eBook! How to Import Data Into Access





Click to here to collect your FREE ebook NOW

Grab your free eBook on “How to Import Data into an Access Database” which is a 15 page user guide showing the data import steps covering the popular versions.

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Free eBook! SQL Language Reference (Basics)





Download my free user guide showing the SQL (Structured Query Language) syntax for your Access queries. Some queries will require this guide as the more advanced types of queries cannot be designed with the conventional QBE (Query By Example) grid.

It’s not that difficult to learn – just a little patience required!

Click here to download the SQL Language Reference

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Confused with the Ribbon Bar?




Users migrating from Access 2003 (or earlier) to either Access 2007 or Access 2010 will have noticed a dramatic change especially with the Toolbars & Menu Bars being replaced with new Ribbon Bars (Fluent UI).

I have provided a useful link below which is a handy Flash application showing an interactive command reference between the old and new.

 Flash Interactive Application for Microsoft Access

Click to download the Interactive Command Reference tool for Access

Because Access is part of the Microsoft Office Professional suite, I thought you may like the other main applications too…

Click to download the Interactive Command Reference tool for Excel

Click to download the Interactive Command Reference tool for Word

Click to download the Interactive Command Reference tool for PowerPoint

Click to download the Interactive Command Reference tool for Outlook