Microsoft Access 2016 Will Soon Support Large Number (BigInt) Data Type

Microsoft Access 2016 Will Soon Support Large Number (BigInt) Data Type

Coming soon… Microsoft Access 2016 will gain a new data type called ‘Large Number‘ which will be an extension to the Number at a type or more commonly referred as BigInt (Big Integer).

Large Number (or BigInt) is a new supported data type that will help developers and users with added analytical capability. This extended support means that Access can finally read and write data to and from external data sources which make also makes use of BigInt.

This has been a limitation when importing data into an Access database from larger more robust database applications and this feature will be able to switched on or off (I guess to help keep the application optimised and not slow down too much).

As announced, “When creating new local tables or editing existing ones, Access now allows users to add fields that store BigInt numbers.” The upgrade, which adds a ‘Large Number‘ option to the ‘Click to Add’ menu when adding a new field to local tables, opens up new possibilities, allowing users to work with SQL data and other external data sources that use BigInt.


If not already available (as installed), as an Office 365 subscriber you will need to run an update to get the new data type. Other variants of Microsoft Access 2016 will shortly also see this feature be available to download and install.

Watch out for  more information on how this new data type will be practically used in Access and more details will soon be available and reveal the scope of this new field type.

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