Microsoft Access Database Working On A Mac O/S

Microsoft Access Database Working On A Mac O/S

Don’t shoot the messenger but you can use Microsoft Access database on a Mac O/S – well with some software intervention that is!

The say things happen in three! Over the holiday period and starting the new year, I had to deal with my website hosting and domain provider shutting down forcing a change of all services (hence my new look and feel website), my broadband behaving even more erratically forcing me to upgrade to a super-fast alternative and finally my Windows 7 Pro laptop collapsing having spent all of last weekend trying to rebuild it.

Well, I had a choice – update and purchase a new laptop or consider working solely with my ever faithful Mac Book Pro (Sorry, Microsoft but I’m a Mac man now!).

microsoft access database vmware on a mac

Having decided on the latter, I needed a simple and effective solution and in the past talked about using Crossover software but instead opted for VMWare.

Microsoft Access Database Working On A Mac O/S

Surprisingly, it was very simple to implement and ironically only took up 2Gb of RAM and 60Gb hard disk space from my 16Gb Mac which was half the usual recommendation to run modern Windows on a PC – no drop in performance.

You will need to buy VMWare basic for about £62 and have a licensed copy of your choice of Windows and Microsoft Access.

I’ve been a fan off Windows 7 Pro over and above the later versions including version 10 and so stuck with this and easily installed Office 365 on top.

The render and resolution with VMWare were good and the integration and collaboration with Mac O/S was seamless.

So, now I’m down to one laptop which makes life a little easier and will be able to serve you well in the future.

Normal service has been resumed 🙂

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