What Are The New Features In Microsoft Access 2016

What Are The New Features In Microsoft Access 2016

Here’s a quick less than three minute video on what’s new with Microsoft Access 2016 to quickly discover if it’s actually worth the upgrade!

As the video informs us, there seems to be little difference between the previous version (2013) and not convincing us it’s worth the effort or even an additional slight cost (unless of course you’ve subscribed to Office 365 with apps – meaning it’s effectively already been priced in and therefore free) to bother.

What Are The New Features In Microsoft Access 2016

Here’s that link as mentioned in the video to see a quick overview of what’s new Microsoft – What’s new in Access 2016.

I’m not convinced by a user friendly ‘Tell me what you want to do‘ search box – it’s just a help function so why bother unless it’s an improved search engine (and not heard anything to the contrary).

Adding an ‘Export to Excel‘ function for a linked table doesn’t really add value either as you can simply right-mouse click on any table or query in the Navigation pane and export  out which is much quicker!


Adding a show larger table dialog box is really pushing the boundary of an improved application – really!

The only reason to therefore upgrade is if you are still in the ‘Noughties‘ where the release of both versions; 2010 and 2013 made a difference and the current version has simply continued to offer the same functionality.

Other than the above, you may be a perfectionist and like to newer look and feel which may just be a good enough reason to make the jump.

If you are new to Microsoft Access databases (even starting at 2016), then why not consider my new eBook Microsoft Access 2016 which covers in great detail over 400 pages of how to really be great databases and take control and manage data.

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