Microsoft Access Databases – Using Data Analysis Tools

Microsoft Access Databases – Using Data Analysis Tools

Here’s a quick one minute video demonstration on the main Microsoft Access database tools available for your reference.

This video tutorial is based on Access 2010 but it applies to all versions (albeit maybe found in other parts of the application).

As you can see, these tools look a little tired and old style Windows which highlights that they have been around since the dawn of MS Access!  Who’s ever used them?

Microsoft Access Databases – Using Data Analysis Tools

These tools are very useful but you need to first find a reason and also see the benefit of how these tools can be of use. To help this process long, perhaps you should review an older blog post called How To Document A Database: Using Microsoft Access Tools And Your Disciplines.

I’ve found the MS Access Database Documenter tool to be very useful and help build a developers technical guide for handing over a database. You can experiment with the output options and be as detailed as you wish. In some cases, large database with all the options selected can yield over 200 pages!

I suggest you review the above older blog post as it will reveal and give you ideas on how to use these tools.

I also mention other tools and some which are not actually dedicated commands in Access in my new eBook, Microsoft Access 2016 eBooktake a look :)

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