Microsoft Access Database Templates – Some Are Even Free!

Microsoft Access Database Templates – Some Are Even Free!

With the latest version of Microsoft Access database (2016) and following on with tradition, Microsoft provides a selection of free Access templates and these can be found via a new database file action where thumbnails are available to get you started.

Quite a few of the standard templates are reasonable and they do require more custom design time to at least make them more user friendly.


However, take the above ‘Tasks’ database example which created several different objects including tables, queries, forms and reports – In fact, 30 objects were generated which also included macros and a little VBA code.

Other database templates can also been found like Asset tracking, Contacts, Event management, Product inventory and Call tracker to name a few.

Microsoft Access Database Templates – Some Are Even Free!

There are other Access templates you can also consider and download which some are actually free and provide a more customised feel too.

I can’t take any credit here but a link to 51+ Microsoft Access Templates – Free Samples may be a useful resource to browse and test out.


Be careful not to be fooled by a sponsored link that may look like a genuine Microsoft Access database template link and take you to another page offering something completely different!

First spend some time scrolling the page and see the list of different templates and try them out.

At the very least, a template database system will give you ideas and build your confidence in adapting towards a more personalised database.

Naturally, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my Access database utilities to give you some more insight and ideas to what this powerful application can offer –Take look now!

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