Microsoft Access 2016 Database – New eBook Arriving Soon

Microsoft Access 2016 Database – New eBook Arriving Soon

Since the release of Microsoft Access 2016 late last year, everyone has been busy re-writing and documenting the changes to MS Access and in essence, there’s little difference when comparing it to the previous version (2013).

However, to help freshen up and bring any newer features into the fold, I too have been busy re-writing my current eBooks which were originally written and supported for most versions ranging as far back as version 2000 (through to 2010).


As usual, you can expect all the key and relevant topics and tips to be included to fast track you to building that all singing and dancing MS Access database.

Microsoft Access 2016 Database – New eBook Arriving Soon

As a reminder, you may want to review what’s new with Access 2016 to get up to speed on any differences from earlier versions.

So what can you expect to see with the new eBook for Microsoft Access database 2016?

It will take a similar format to my existing eBooks bringing you up to date with screen shots, captions and new steps to complete various tasks.

Topics will therefore include:

  • Access terminology, object definitions
  • Database normalisation theory
  • Planning and building a database
  • Getting started, building tables, defining properties and data types
  • Importing and linking data
  • Microsoft Access database queries – full coverage of all types
  • Understanding database relationships, creating joins and setting indexes and keys
  • Building Access forms – from the ground up and effective designs
  • Building Access reports- from the ground up and effective designs including charts
  • Updated eBook of my How To Use Microsoft Access Macros & Automate Your Application
  • Building and modifying a web application

Each of the above main sections will cover much more detail with sub topics too and you can expect to receive over 350+ pages of all you need to know on how to create, manage and understand Microsoft Access 2016.

Keep an eye out for this release of this eBook!

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