Microsoft Access Database 2016: Printing Reports

Microsoft Access Database 2016: Printing Reports

A report is only as good as the data stored and retrieved (typically via a query) in your Microsoft Access database but this simple video tutorial (less than 3 minutes) demonstrates what the feature you can run from your report print preview…

While you can print reports using commands via the Backstage view, you can also use Print Preview. Print Preview shows you how your report will appear on the printed page. It also allows you to modify the way your report is displayed, print it, and even save it as a different file type like the popular PDF format .

Microsoft Access Database 2016: Printing Reports

A report is normally based on that all important query and understating the database fields, data types and structures.

Back to the video tutorial (above) and the print preview layout mode should be intuitive to use as it’s part of the familiar look and feel from Microsoft Office application’s preview modes. However, there’s an important consideration of how much functionality you want to present to users and not to confuse then with too much choice. Also, the frequency of how often a report is run, printed and even exported may lean towards automating this with either a macro or even the higher level; VBA code procedure.

Sometimes, having a customised Access form with a command button to run, print, preview and/or export a report into something like the popular PDF format can be the extra finishing touches for that polished and professional look and feel.


Building customised Microsoft Access database reports requires time and some skill as the standard templates do not provide the rich layouts this powerful system needs.

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