Comparing Microsoft Access App and MS Access Desktop Database

Comparing Microsoft Access 2016 App and MS Access Desktop Database

Here’s an overview of the comparisons between using Microsoft Access 2016 App and the desktop version.

An Access app is a database that you design and modify in Microsoft Access 2016 and use in a standard web browser. The data and database objects are stored in SQL Server or Microsoft Azure SQL Database, so you can share the data within your organisation using on-premises SharePoint or Office 365 for business. An Access App is created either from a template or from scratch.

Generally, a desktop database is a database system created to run on a single computer. Desktop databases are much more limited and constrained than larger data centre or data warehouse systems, where primitive database software is replaced by sophisticated hardware and networking setups.

An MS Access desktop database helps you store and track any kind of information such as inventory, contacts, or business processes. Like the Access app, you can also create an Access desktop database by using a template or creating it from scratch.

How to identify the two types of Access templates? An Access app template has a globe icon in its picture and the title of the app does not contain “desktop.” For example, “Asset tracking” or “Custom web app.” While an Access desktop database template has no globe in the picture and its title has “desktop” in it. For example, “Desktop asset tracking,” or “Blank desktop database.”

microsoft acces-app-icon microsoft access-desktop-icon

Access app and Access desktop database serve different purposes. You may want to check the table below to see which one works best for you. Continue reading “Comparing Microsoft Access App and MS Access Desktop Database”

Microsoft Access 2016 Database Specifications

Microsoft Access 2016 Database Specifications

Welcome to a brand new year – 2016 which continues with regular blog posts – all about Microsoft Access databases.

So, with the recent release of Microsoft Access 2016, we now have parity and I thought as a recap (as with earlier versions of the past), we may as well start with Access 2016 specifications and get to know your limits (if any)!

This information about the limits of Microsoft Access database files and objects can be found from the official Microsoft support website.

microsoft access 2016 database specifications

Any database can exceed they limits which can cause performance issues and become corrupt overtime which is why Continue reading “Microsoft Access 2016 Database Specifications”