Microsoft Access Databases: Pros & Cons of Access Macros

Microsoft Access Databases: Pros & Cons of Access Macros

Here’s an snippet from my popular Microsoft Access database eBook on How To Use Microsoft Access Macros & Automate Your Application 

In this section I’m going to list the advantages and disadvantages of using Access macros that is an exercise developers need to carry out to determine how they will programme their application going forward and avoid the dreaded result of having a ‘pear shaped’ and inflexible database.

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Benefits of using Access Macros

Here’s the list:

1. Easier to write! You do not have to have a university degree in computer programming to understand and utilise macros. The command reference is intuitive and easy to apply. It just requires some investment of your time.

2. Disabled Mode – From version 2007 by default, any database opened that contained VBA code would not run as part of the security changes made to Microsoft Office applications and prevent unwanted macro virus threats that the VBA code could contain some malicious routines which some programmers seem to get a kick out of! Macros used within templates in Access are safe and run in normal mode.

3. Access Services – With the introduction of SharePoint server where you can now publish your Access database on the web in a secured environment, VBA code is Continue reading “Microsoft Access Databases: Pros & Cons of Access Macros”