Microsoft Office 2016 (Preview): First Look

Microsoft Office 2016 (Preview): First Look

This quick video tutorial doesn’t mention Microsoft Access 2016 but the general newer look and feel and functionality will follow suite and not much seems may have changed.

So in this video, the narrator must have recorded the audio on double speed or his just very enthusiastic and wants to cram in as much as possible in less than four minutes!

Microsoft Office 2016 (Preview): First Look

So what about Access 2016? There’s very little on the net to confirm what’s new (if anything).

We know VBA programming language will be retained and be known as VB7.1 which hasn’t really changed since 1998 when it was first introduced but the emphasis on web applications is realised with this release (or hopefully, that is!).

Office for Windows and Office for Mac will come closer together via the web based and JavaScript processes as we are now seeing Office 365 take momentum. 

Alas, Microsoft Access was never designed for the web or even available on the Mac though we do have some workarounds nowadays.

Back to what is new on the basic and conventional level can be found by going to Microsoft Office support for Access 2016 new features which as I’ve said won’t excite you and seems to certainly diminish the need to upgrade. Office 365 subscribers should however, will automatically see any new changes as part of their monthly plans.

As soon as I have more and a copy to play with, I will report my findings to you.

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