Microsoft Access Database: Creating Database Field Type Templates

Microsoft Access Database: Creating Database Field Type Templates

Microsoft Access database applications just gets richer and richer as time goes by and from version 2010, you can now create field types or in effect user defined fields stored via the ‘Save Selection as New Data Type‘ command which is located from the context sensitive fluent ribbon bar Fields tab (Table Tools).

Take a look at a demonstration of this is set up and used in the video tutorial below (less than 4 minutes).

Microsoft Access Database (version 2010 onwards) has a new feature which allows you to preserve existing columns that you can use again in future tables that you create.

Microsoft Access Database: Creating Database Field Type Templates

Here are the steps again:

  1. In your Microsoft Access database, open an existing table by double clicking it in the navigator on the left hand side.
  2. You can modify the fields by double clicking the field title and typing in whatever title you wish to put.
  3. Each of the different fields in the table has properties. You can save a field or a combination of fields as a new template if you want to use it in the tables that you will be creating in the future. To do that, follow these:Give it a name.
    1. Highlight the fields that are named.
    2. Go to fields tab under table tools.
    3. Choose more fields.
    4. Select from the drop-down save selection as new data type.
    5. A dialogue box will pop up.
  4. The description is optional. 
  5. Select a category for the new data type. It can be basic types, data and time, number, quick start, user defined types, or yes/no.
  6. Optionally, select the Instantiation form. Choose a form in your part. The form will be run once right after the instantiation of the part and will be deleted when closed. This can be used as a splash screen.
  7. Click the OK button to save the changes.

microsoft access database creating database field type templates

When you are going to create a new database table, you can access the new template by selecting the name of the newly created template under more fields in the fields tab.

Of course, table designs, their data types and how you choose and set their properties is a different activity and requires some skill backed with a plan of action.

Check out my eBook on How To Build An Access Database which covers the planning and designing stages using the basic tools in your Microsoft Access database.

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