Microsoft Access Database 2013: Building A Navigation Control Form

Microsoft Access Database 2013: Building A Navigation Control Form

This quick three and half minute video tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to build Microsoft Access database navigation control forms keeping the controls and property settings to a minimum whilst also utilising the ribbon bar too…

There’s no voice over but some light melodic tones to easily follow the tips and techniques in building that navigation control form.

Microsoft Access Database 2013: Building A Navigation Control Form

Of course, one assumes you have also pre-prepared and built either the forms or reports that will be linked and associated to each tab added which will require using the wizard or templates available.

I always suggest a plan before building these forms and reports and have suggested many times from my previous blog posts in the past of the approach to the above. In order to keep your MS Access database forms optimised and perform well, some useful tips may help when build a form.


I like the way this video uses both the property sheet and ribbon bar to easily set and apply various properties which also uses the right-mouse click action to quickly gain access between views (via the tab).

The music may not be to your taste but I find having music on in the background really helps me when I design Microsoft Access database forms. It can even be some heavy rock!

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