How To Run Microsoft Access On A Mac PC Using CrossOver Software

How To Run Microsoft Access On A Mac PC Using CrossOver Software

You might find this a little strange but I generally prefer Mac to Windows as not all my work is purely Microsoft Access. However, working on Access requires a Windows instance and though I have several computers set up, my Mac Pro also has Access installed using CrossOver Software Installer.

Here’s a quick two minute video tutorial on How To Run Microsoft Access On A Mac which I found to explain the installation process…

This is just one way to get your non Microsoft Windows computer to run MS Access databases. There are several others which I’ll quickly cover.

How To Run Microsoft Access On A Mac PC Using CrossOver Software – Alternative Options

Firstly, let’s clarify that Microsoft Office for Mac does not include the MS Access application which is why we have to take such steps.

how to run microsoft access on a mac

The alternatives and work around could include:

1. Using the free runtime version for an exectuable file only or a third party web app which is now available for the iPad so you can load Access as a viewer only should you need to just read information.

2. Installing VMWare (or similar) which is a virtual image software tool that creates a separate instance on your Mac PC and therefore can have several versions as a quick way to restore a default environment. However, it will require you having a licenced copy of Microsoft Windows operating system whereas CrossOver has this already included

3. Using some sort of remote access software like LogMeIn or SplashTop (which there is a free version. There are others too but the two mentioned I have used are very effective indeed but will require a live internet connection to a Windows PC.

4. Using a web based system like Microsoft SharePoint services (or similar) which basically means just using a browser off the Mac PC but be careful to not use Safari and opt for either FireFox or Chrome which will render better for SharePoint objects.

5. You could of course install a separate or boot split partition of a Microsoft Windows instance directly onto a Mac providing you have the latest Intel chip version (from 2006) and enough RAM (at least 8MB). This would be for regular heavy usage and not just for one application!

So there you have it, how to run Microsoft Access on a Mac. When I’m travelling and don’t have a strong enough internet connection, at least I can still carry out some Access work without the need to carry my favoured Mac Book Pro and a separate Windows laptop and keep my  machines optimised too.

Which is your preferred way to handle non Windows with Access?

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